My NFT philosophy

I've decided to sell some pieces of my work as NFT and I would like to explain why.

Over the years, I sold quite a lot of Fine Art prints. To me, photography's goal is to get printed : magazines, art prints, posters, no matter which support it is, photography remains something that you can possess and must have a specific value to you.
I'm not talking about money here.

If you follow my work for quite a while, you may have noticed that my photo is inspired by paintings (romantic painting to be precise). I mostly paint with my camera rather than take pictures. It's not a better way to make shots, it's just the way I do it and it took me more than a decade to find the style I love today and to get filled with it.

Like a painter sells his art and can’t have a copy, I choose to do the same. Not only for you, but for me. I choose to let the art go to the very end for me and to a new beginning with you. I choose to let it go.

Each every NFT you purchase is delivered with a Fine Art print (see the details on my OpenSea page and collections).

I’m proud of what I do and I see NFT as a new way for my art to live without me.


What do you propose as NFT?

I have 2 different collections. The first one is a complete series only available as NFT whereas the second one is something more... Special.


The Song of the Tinnitus

The Song of the Tinnitus is my very first NFT collection. Over the years and countries I've been working in, I wanted to create some sort of different photos from what I usually do. Something inspired by analog chamber photography and, most of all, far from everything I know. The Song of the Tinnitus talks about absolute silence, like an undiscovered land, centralizing different kinds of odd landscapes all related to an end, a silence, like a langage. I wanted them to express a strong imagination. There are absolutely no modifications (no elements added or removed). This is my very first series where I choose not to sell any prints.
No one has prints of those pictures but for every picture you might get, I choose to send you the unique print of the picture you buy. It will be a fine art 20*30 cm (7.9*11.8 inches) print, signed and 1 copy limited.
Please keep it with you.
I'm proud of this work as I opened my mind to another kind of landscape, something much more personal and pure.

See the whole collection here.


The Last One(s)

Over the years, I sold quite a lot of Fine Art prints with different scales, frames and sizes. Some pictures have been more iconic than others, though. Instead of selling the last copy of a limited series as a print only, I decided to sell the NFT and offering the very last Fine Art signed and limited print copy with a size of 60*90 cm (23,6x35,5 inches).

I consider each picture I take as a story that ends the moment where there is no more print to sell. Most of the time my photos are 12 limited copies, sometimes 8. Nevertheless, every picture you'll find here is the very last example of their own and will no longer be printed again

See the whole collection here.

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